Unique Date Ideas for YOU

Hey you. Yes you. I know why you’re here. You’ve decided you want to get out of the house more. Binge-watching TV shows and Harry Potter is great and all, but you’re tired of watching others live their exciting lives on screen, you want to find some adventures of your own. Stories worth telling theContinue reading “Unique Date Ideas for YOU”

15 Tips to Calm Your Mind

We all have days, situations, moods and sometimes nothing specific at all, that cause us to worry. And at times, it can be quite difficult to climb back out of that black hole. Whatever it is, I promise you, you will be okay. In the meantime, here are a few pieces of advice that I’veContinue reading “15 Tips to Calm Your Mind”


I have been very drawn to the word Goddess lately. The word, the idea, the way that so many different people have their own individual perception of it. I’ve seen artists’ depictions of glistening women with flowing hair and sparkling dresses. I’ve smelled the perfume at Saje, that evoked forests, flowers and early morning mistsContinue reading “Goddess”

YORK U: Which Hogwarts House are YOU in ?

From the moment I read Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, I awaited my Hogwarts acceptance letter. It hasn’t come yet. So in the meantime I attended York University for muggles. I spent my time wondering who would be in which House if we were at Hogwarts. (I probably should have spent this time studying,Continue reading “YORK U: Which Hogwarts House are YOU in ?”

The Least Interesting Thing About You

“You have such pretty eyes”, “Your skin is so smooth”, “You have a beautiful body”, “You’re absolutely gorgeous”. These are all flattering compliments, don’t get me wrong. But while your appearance may be eye-catching, the way you look is without a doubt the least interesting thing about you. My sister once told me that sheContinue reading “The Least Interesting Thing About You”

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