Starry Night Tea – Sleepcast

Hello friends, I hope you are all doing okay right now.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I have a bit of difficulty falling asleep. I have a very busy mind and it seems to enjoy talking to me even more when the stars come out. But it can always be soothed by a nice story.

Jade and I love the sleepcasts that Headspace offers, I’m pretty sure we’ve been through them all ! Which is what inspired me to write this sleepy story a little while ago, blending in a few of his favourite things to make falling asleep even easier.

I decided to make it available to all of you as well, in case you were in need of a new bedtime lullaby or just a happy place for your mind to roam. There’s nothing better than listening to our favourite person’s voice right ? So ask your partner, friend, sibling or parent if they can read this out loud to you as you get ready to fall asleep.

For those of you that will be doing the reading, I suggest using your most gentle, soothing voice (without being unnatural and creepy, it might take a few tries) and taking care to enunciate each word, pause at the commas and really take your time telling the story. Create a calm environment where no one feels rushed or distracted.

So put on your coziest pyjamas and snuggle up for some sweet dreams.


Good evening, I hope you are feeling nice and cozy in your big, comfy bed.

Let’s take a few moments to simply relax. (5 second pause.)

Feel the weight of your body sinking into the mattress.

Notice the gentle contact of your soft blankets on your arms, stomach and legs.

Imagine any tension in your body giving a quiet sigh of relief and slowly evaporating, leaving you feeling as light as air and as supple as water.

Picture this happening in your toes, your calves, your thighs, your hips, your stomach, your back, your chest, your arms, your throat and finally, your face.

Take a deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Continue to focus on your breathing and as you do, imagine the air currents filling your lungs as two soft colours.

One colour is inhaled, another colour is exhaled.

(30 second pause as they breathe and visualize.)


It’s a calm, quiet night tonight.


Lying in bed, it feels as if the whole world is also tucked up under a warm blanket.

You can almost hear the planet’s gentle breathing.

You turn your head slightly on your pillow to face the open window, expecting to look out into a deep blue night.

Instead, you see an enormous eagle, seeming as light as a feather, perched on your windowsill.

It is magnificent.

It is the same rich, midnight blue as the endless sky beyond it.

Its velvety feathers are speckled with glittering flecks of light that you can’t quite focus on.

The eagle fills you with a feeling of safety and tranquility.

As it gazes at you with its warm eyes, it blinks slowly and tilts its head as if asking, “Are you ready?”

It gently lowers its humongous head, inviting you to climb aboard and as you do, you notice that its broad back is as cushioned as your own bed.

You sink down between the eagle’s shoulder blades and it spreads its powerful wings, each one the length of your entire body.

You rest your head on the strong creature’s neck and it lifts off effortlessly into the sky, gliding along like a gently floating dandelion seed.

As you enjoy the feeling of the eagle’s smooth feathers against your cheek, you also realize that the breeze flowing around you is warm and comforting.

It smells familiar, like the sun on soft sand.

You climb higher and higher into the sky.

The eagle plays among the fluffy clouds, soaring to the top of them, to then glide slowly back through their cotton-candy-like forms.

Up and down.

Up and down.

In the most soothing way.

Eventually, you break through the thickest cloud and emerge into a vast, clear patch of sky.

It is filled with the most stars you have ever seen, all twinkling in different colours. White, blue, pink, green, purple.

You can make out different constellations and as you watch, the stars begin to move.

The Big Dipper pours out the Milky Way, swirling into a bowl-shaped cluster of stars, where the Little Dipper seems to be stirring star-filled cereal.

Next to it, Ursa Major, a majestic bear, chases Ursa Minor, a round baby bear, over rolling celestial hills.

The small bear scatters stars as it trips over its big paws and rolls over and over until it lands upon the summit of a glowing mountain.

Your eagle inclines its body and begins to descend toward the same mountain peak.

It alights softly and lowers itself down, indicating that it is time for you to disembark.

You slide down its side and land on the smooth white surface of the mountain top.

The eagle gives you a gentle nudge toward a glass domed house a short distance away.

You can see steam escaping its round windows and smell a delicious herbal scent coming from it.

It fills you with warmth and you know you are safe.

The baby bear, who had been curiously watching you this entire time, trots alongside you as you make your way toward the house.

Now that you are next to it, you realize that Ursa Minor is the size of a castle, a bright glittering castle, but its immense size only brings you more comfort.

You reach the spherical house and the bear lies down in its garden of white flowers as if saying, “I’ll wait for you here.”

You climb the steps and seeing no door, you step inside.

The bubble-shaped house is wonderfully warm and enveloped by a soft glow, seeming to come from inside its very walls.

These clear walls are lined with shelves upon shelves of tea.

Any and every type of tea you can imagine.

Green teas and black teas. Ginger teas and cinnamon teas. Ginseng teas and oolong teas. Even pie-flavoured teas and cotton-candy-flavoured teas.

Over to one side, you see a large clear teapot boiling away. As you watch, it lifts itself up on two transparent legs and walks itself over to a floating round table where it pours itself into a large blue mug.

You sink into a huge, cushy armchair next to the table and proceed to try one tea after another.

(30 second pause for all of the tea drinking.)


After a while, you feel very full in the most comfortable way and delightfully warm from the inside out.

Your eyelids begin to droop.

Ursa Minor gently sticks its muzzle in through the window and lifts you out of your seat, carrying you back toward the edge of the mountain.

The eagle has gone, but the bear lets out a soft hum and a swirl of clouds begins to form in the sky beyond.

As it draws nearer, the bear gives a satisfied grunt, sets you calmly on the ground and gives you a big, affectionate lick, covering your entire body with glimmering stardust.

It then turns and floats gently back into the night sky.

You watch it go and hear a soft whooshing sound behind you.

Turning, you see a wolf the size of a bus, made entirely of clouds.

Its long tail curls around it as it as it lowers its enormous head toward you, flapping its ears serenely.

You reach out a hand and it nuzzles its cheek against you, closing its eyes contentedly.

It then turns its head and places something warm into your palm.

You look down and see another small, glowing cup of tea.

It smells delicious and you understand that you need to drink it for the journey home.

You lift it to your mouth and swallow the soothing liquid.

You return your gaze to the empty cup and it transforms into a puff of cloud, floating upward to land on the wolf.

You lift your hands in front of you in wonder, for as the warmth of the tea spreads through your limbs, so does its glow.

Soon your entire body is glowing like a star and your feet begin to lift from the mountain surface.

You look toward the cloud wolf and it rises to accompany you, nodding reassuringly.

You feel peaceful and free.

Soon you are both soaring back over oceans, forests and more clouds, looping and gliding around each other in graceful movements.

The clouds are as soft as you always imagined when you would look at them from Earth. 

After a while of pure joy, you spot your own house below, nestled amongst its neighbours, as if it had been patiently waiting for you to come home.

You’ll never be quite sure how it happened, but somehow you ended up back in your bed and you had the very best sleep you can remember.

And sometimes, when you look up in the sky, you still see that wolf, high up in the clouds, watching over you.

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