Unique Date Ideas for YOU

Hey you.

Yes you.

I know why you’re here.

You’ve decided you want to get out of the house more. Binge-watching TV shows and Harry Potter is great and all, but you’re tired of watching others live their exciting lives on screen, you want to find some adventures of your own. Stories worth telling the grandchildren about. None of that boring dinner-at-a-restaurant stuff.

Well never fear ! I am here to help !

We all know that it can be difficult to come up with date ideas, so here are some ready-made for you ! (I’ll allow you to take credit for them for extra brownie points.)


Affordable Date Ideas:

-Board game night at home : if you two have been together for a while, then you should try out Coupleopoly by the Dating Divas. You can customize your very own properties, making them all locations that are special to you and your significant other. You can also make hilarious mystery cards with all of your inside jokes ! Otherwise Exploding Kittens, Unstable Unicorns and Billionaire Banshee are great for some unique laughs. Sequence and Survive are also really fun options for the strategizers in you.

– Bake cookies + watch movies (alternate who gets to choose both cookie flavours & movie)

– Watch The Greatest Showman because it is the most magical, emotional, inspiring movie of all time (and invite me over so I can cry with you)

– Lie on the floor and make each other REALLY listen to all those song lyrics that make you think of them

– Play hide and seek outside in the dark (set some boundaries because you know – dark = monsters)

– Go to Chapters and collect a pile of books to sit and read together

– Run through Ikea (with or without a wine roadie) and design your dream Ikea home

– Try out the Dating Divas’ hilarious Mall Dares

– Plan a trivia night for who knows each other better. Again, the Dating Divas offer excellent printable options. (I know I’m obsessed with them, they just have such fun games!)  And add: “If you could have any superpower what would it be and why ?” Because this is a very important question.

– Declare a nerf gun war/ set up a nerf gun obstacle course

– Fill water balloons with paint and throw them on a canvas & at each other

– Climb rooftops to look at stars and talk about parallel universes or the weird worlds inside your heads

– Try a DIY paint night with Youtube videos

– Play charades

– Babysit for friends or family

– Get competitive with some video games (Mario Kart is pretty awesome)

– Learn each other’s Love Language

– Find some free concerts in your area

– Try to read each other’s tarot cards

– Sign up for Dirty Bingo (or regular bingo)

– Make your Bucket Lists together


Seasonal Date Ideas:



-Go tobogganing*

-Go snowboarding/skiing*

-Build a snow fort*

-Have a snowman making contest to see whose snowman looks most like each other*

-Go skating*

-Release your inner warriors at laser tag, paintball, archery tag or axe throwing

-Explore Christmas markets*

-Wander around arts and craft fairs for unique gifts

-Explore the neighbourhoods with the best Christmas decorations*

-Have a Christmas movie marathon*

-Make the spaghetti from Elf

-Take a bubble bath (maybe don’t offer this as a first date idea)

-Make a 1000 piece puzzle*

-Build a LEGO set

-Play SIMS and build the most outrageous dream house, complete with an indoor otter aquarium wall

-Go paint some cute ceramics at your local pottery shop

*Hot chocolate is mandatory



-Try your hand at gardening (see who’s the better plant parent)

– Attend a tulip festival

– Go rollerblading

-Set up ridiculous pranks to April fools each other

– Go swing on swings

– Visit an alpaca farm

– Make your own scavenger hunt/dare night with friends (Think One Tree Hill Style)

– Paint a mural on the walls of your apartment

– Have a photography day

– Walk some dogs for friends, neighbours or local shelters if you don’t have your own

– Build your own kite

– Organize a bubble soccer tournament (you can even buy your own bubbles at Canadian Tire if you want this to be a family tradition!)

– Make flower crowns

– Get some fabric paint and spruce up your old jean jackets

– Road trip !



-Have a beach day

– Go swimming

– Go midnight skinny dipping

– Go play basketball

– Go play tennis

– Go play badminton

– Go play volleyball

Go play

– Go snorkelling

– Play Frisbee

– Treat yoselves to an ice cream/froyo date

– Draw on the sidewalks with chalk

– Build your own soapbox cars & push each other down a hill

– Do some outdoor yoga

– Set up a surprise picnic with their favourite foods

– Rent a cottage with friends

– Play some lawn games

– Go kayaking, canoeing

– Go paddleboarding

– Go camping

– Have a bonfire with smores and scary stories

– Build a tree house



– Go pumpkin picking

– Decorate the pumpkins you picked

– Go apple picking

– Bake some apple crumble with all those apples (this recipe is deliciouuusssss)

– Make some caramel apples

– Visit a Cat Café

– Go hiking to see the leaves change

– Collect pretty leaves on your hike and press them into a frame to decorate your place

– Go to a haunted house

– Make your own Halloween costumes

– Go trick or treating

– Watch a scary movie + eat Halloween candy

– Go on a tandem bike ride

– Go rock climbing

– Visit an aquarium

– Buy an escape room game and set it up at home



Whew ! I know this is a lot of ideas, but at the same time I’m probably forgetting so many fun ones ! You can pick your favourite, pick randomly, or even print them all out and create a date jar for your sweetheart to pick from.

I hope this inspired you and reignited that spark in you that loves to have fun !

After all, we’re all just giant kids that need to remember to go out and play as often as we can.

Now go make some memories !

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