I have been very drawn to the word Goddess lately.

The word, the idea, the way that so many different people have their own individual perception of it.

I’ve seen artists’ depictions of glistening women with flowing hair and sparkling dresses.

I’ve smelled the perfume at Saje, that evoked forests, flowers and early morning mists all rolled into one.

I’ve read about the multiple Greek versions: strong, romantic, cunning, irresistible and unforgiving.

I’ve practiced the yoga pose, a gateway between the solidity of the Earth and the freedom of the Sky, bonded by our human body.

And I wondered, if I had to create my own version of a Goddess, what would it be ?

So I will attempt to make mine with words.

The Baby Goddess is filled with Wonder. She finds shapes in the clouds, leaps into every puddle, protects anthills from giant drops of rain. She has enormous dreams that change like the wind. One day she dresses up as a pirate, the next an astronaut, the day after that a mermaid and so on. Her world is full of possibilities after all. She feels emotions that are 10 feet tall, while her body barely reaches 3.

Her imagination comes to life through the stories she is read and she develops a hunger for more, longing to discover such adventures for herself.

As she grows, her focus strays.

The opinions of others weigh heavily on her and self doubt creeps in.

She loves certain people and is not loved in return. She lives through confusion, heartbreak, worry and the unforeseen.

She blossoms into a more mature Goddess, who returns her focus to her dreams. She must love herself fully, before devoting any of her energy to another. She turns her gaze inward, no longer seeking external validation.

She rediscovers her childlike wonder for the world around her. She wants to experience everything: see all the colours, taste the breeze, feel the sunshine and the rain soaking into her skin. The music she listens to resonates within her and shines down into the deepest corners of her soul. She dances wildly, spinning beneath the stars of this improbable galaxy, until she’s dizzy and breathless with delight.

She has days where she longs to be as delicately beautiful as a flower, growing so courageously in the most challenging of conditions and adding colour and joy to the lives of those around it.

Other days, she dreams of being as devastating and powerful as a hurricane, a force of nature that no one dares to try to control; or a stroke of lightning, terrifying the ones it strikes, but allowing them to survive and reevaluate the kind of mark they are choosing to leave on this world.

Every day she protects the innocent, the animals, the children, the pure of heart.

She will defend them with every ounce of herself, because everything that is good and kind and honest is what should be preserved forever.

She has struggled and been terrified of her own existence.

But every day she gets up.

Every day she tries.

She refuses to live a life based on fear.

This Goddess.

She lives inside of YOU.

Published by pocketdreams24

I love crepes and sunsets

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